& Attractions
• Waterfall
A short 5-minute hike from Masbro Hidden Village will lead to a hidden waterfall. Take a quick dip on a hot sunny day or lay down a picnic by the stream and enjoy the shade of tall surrounding trees.

• Hiking/Jungle Trekking
Nearby hills for hiking enthusiasts are Bukit Ganding and Gunung Pulut. Move away from walking between skyscrapers of the city to a hidden gem in the northwest, where you can enjoy daytime hiking and nighttime jungle trekking in the serene uncrowded trails of Lenggong, Perak.

• Mountain Biking
Thrill seekers can opt for trail riding in the hilly terrain of Lenggong, Perak. Do come prepared with your own gear and ride to your hearts content safely! Better yet, do ride in groups, especially if you are planning on going through longer treks.

• Cave Exploring
Lenggong, Perak has an abundance of caves which are accessible with no fees. To enjoy the caves in the valley, arrangements must be made beforehand with Lenggong Archaeological Museum. A local tour guide will be provided to bring you around the caves (tipping is much encouraged!), and transportation arrangements must be made on your end. The infamous Gua Gunung Runtuh, home of the Perak Man is also included in the cave tours. The other caves in the area are Gua Badak, Gua Harimau, Gua Ngaum, and Gua Puteri.
Lenggong Archaeological Museum Southeast Asia’s oldest and most complete human skeleton, the Perak Man is available for viewing in the archaeological museum, among other interesting things. There is no entry fee for the museum, and the rock garden behind the building. We recommend spending an hour in the museum to learn about important archeological finds.

• Local Delicacies
No trip is complete without good food! Seafood lovers, this one’s for you. Lenggong, Perak is known for its’ appetizing fresh river fish that are not well-known to tourists yet. Delight yourselves in Ikan Tapah, Tengalan, Sebarau, Jelawat or even the Empurau.