A quaint 8 x 14 ft bamboo chalet on stilts with nipah leaf-thatched roofs equipped with a wall fan that will cool you down in the day and gives you a nice breeze in the nighttime. Guests are encouraged to bring your own sleeping bags, mats, pillows and blankets for a more comfortable stay. Beware, temperatures are lower at night – make sure to have a blanket!
The shower area & toilets are gender-segregated, located a short walk from the living area. Do bring along toiletries during your stay.
Enjoy your meals in our breezy dining area, with sounds of the stream running underneath your feet. Meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner) are prepared by our local caterers. Pre-booking of meals are required 1 day before. Rates for meals are as below:
  • Breakfast: RM 6 per pax
  • Lunch: RM 12 per pax
  • Dinner: RM 12 per pax
Guests are invited to fully utilize the cooking amenities in our dining area, including the barbecue pits. Pork and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the grounds.
Take a dip in our one of a kind swimming pool which is open 24 hours a day, with fresh running water from nearby mountains flowing through. The adult pool depth is 3½ feet, and children’s pool depth is 2 feet. Swim at your own risk, as lifeguards are not present. We also provide a barbecue pit by the pool for guests to fully enjoy.
Our campgrounds are located in Masbro Hidden Village, where you can set up your own camps whilst accessing all the amenities available (shared showers and toilets, dining area, outdoor mountain water swimming pool).